Managerial courses

• Accreditation and course training
• Developing skills
• Management education

Professional courses

• Complete service in BOZP and PO
• Vocational training and training courses and training
• Professional seminars

Language courses

• Courses for the public
• Corporate Clients
• Learning methods
• Language courses offer

Education & Consulting company a.s. , is the largest education company in Slovakia. Annually, it carries out educational activities for nearly 20,000 students. The company’s clients include ministries, banks, insurance companies, major private companies and state-owned companies. It offers language, management and professional training, professional and certified testing, complete service, consulting and human resources consulting. Education & Consulting company a.s. is the holder of the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate.

Košice – Šaca:
Učnovská 6
Košice – Šaca 040 15, Slovakia

Trieda SNP 61
Košice 040 11, Slovakia

Starohájska 6
Bratislava 851 02, Bratislava

Palackého 85/5
Trenčín 911 01, Slovakia