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Education Training & Consulting company a.s. as a Testing Service Provider (TSP) is approved to provide English language proficiency assessment for licence holders and issue related certificates in compliance with the requirements of ICAO Doc 9835.


Applicant applies for the examination at least 7 days in advance.

Examination terms

Terms:       The ICAO examination is currently suspended.
The relaunch will be notified.

Applicant applies for the examination at least 7 days in advance.


Language Proficiency Assessment information

  • Each proficiency licence applicant and holder who is required to use Radiotelephony communication must demonstrate his/her ability to speak and understand the language used in Radiotelephony communication – English language.
  • Minimum level of applicant language proficiency is Level 4 – Operational Level – according to ICAO Rating Scale descriptors.
  • Examination is not only focused on Radiotelephony phraseology – examination requirements relate to clear and comprehensible communication as well.
  • The result of examination is the evaluation of applicant proficiency to use English language in every situation.
Applicant must demonstrate minimum Level 4 in following categories:
  1. Pronunciation
  2. Structure
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Fluency
  5. Comprehension
  6. Interaction
Applicant shall:
  • understand and communicate promptly and effectively in voice-only (telephone/radiotelephone) and in face-to-face situation,
  • clear and accurate communicate on common, concrete and work-related topics,
  • use appropriate communicative strategies to recognize and resolve misunderstandings in general or work-related context,
  • handle successfully and with relative ease the difficult linguistic taks represented by complication or unexpected turn of events in routine work situations or communicative task with which they are otherwise familiar,
  • use dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aviation community.
Those who demonstrate language proficiency below Expert Level (Level 6) should be evaluated at intervals in accordance with an individual´s demonstrated proficiency:
Operational Level (Level 4) – 4 years,
Extended Level (Level 5) – 6 years.

Test information

  • Test TSP complies with requirements stated in Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements – Doc 9835
  • Test TSP is designed to assess speaking and listening proficiency.
  • Test TSP consists of records with different accents.
  • Test TSP uses 2 methods of examination:

a) Direct – interaction with interlocutor,
b) Semi-direct – interaction using speech sample (audio-visual                               technique)

  • Test TSP includes 5 sections:
  1. Dialogue – Interlocutor interviews test-taker on general, education, work, or aviation-related topics,
  2. Interactive problem-solving – Test-taker reacts to 3 non-routine situations in aviation environment by forming questions and suggestions,
  3. Visual analysis – Test-taker describes picture and answers picture-related questions,
  4. Listening comprehension – Test-taker listens to a short story in aviation context and then re-tells the story,
  5. Radiotelephony communication – Test-taker explains aviation terms and definitions; simulates radiotelephony communication; reads and decodes aviation reports (METAR, TAF, …),
  • Test TSP takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Test TSP does not focus on grammar explicitly or reading and vocabulary.
  • Test TSP does not evaluate the technical knowledge of operations.
  • Final score for test-taker is not the average of the ratings in each of the six ICAO language proficiency skills, but the lowest of these six ratings.

Application forms

Applicant for testing language proficiency can apply for examination through on-line application. It is required to state examination term in application form.

Applicant applies for the examination at least 7 days in advance.

Application Form for Testing.doc  [105 kB] application/msword
Application Form for Re-testing.doc  [105.5 kB] application/msword

Aviation courses

Education Training & Consulting company a.s. provides Aviation courses focused on expanding and improving candidate´s proficiency required to demonstrate Operational Level 4 according to ICAO requirements.

The purpose of Aviation course is:

  • speaking and  listening,
  • reading and vocabulary,
  • English grammar, comprehension and interaction,
  • interrogative words, active and passive form, prepositions, paraphrasing,
  • simple tenses and present perfect tense, phrasal verbs,
  • conversation about non-routine situation to improve candidate´s proficiency,
  • ICAO standard phraseology – plain English,
  • describing, reporting, announcing and suggesting,
  • explaining ICAO Abbreviations and Codes,
  • communication errors – misunderstanding,
  • incidents, failures, distractions, emergencies, technical and electrical failure,
  • environmental phenomena, weather conditions in flight,
  • medical and fire emergencies, system failures.



AIRSPEAK course is designed for pilots and air traffic controllers. It systematically develops operational language skills in the field of radiotelephone communication and phraseology in routine and non-routine situations.
The basic purpose of the training is to teach ROUTINE PHRASEOLOGY for IFR flights, but it also serves as the preparation course for the ICAO examination Level 4 beacuse it contains vocabulary used in unpredictable situations.

Structure of the course:

The course consists of the following modules, where a recommended time schedule per module is 12 hours (45 min.)

1. Pre-fligh to line-up
2. Take-off to top of climb
3. Cruise to descent
4. Approach to parking
5. Final review

Each module is divided into training of routine phraseology, non-routine phraseology and general English, while the usual sequence of events in a given phase of flight is being followed.
The course uses additional materials for vocabulary, including authentic recordings. The recordings are designed for routine phraseology, non-routine situation, flight simulation with made-up situation and etc.

Input language education required:

The minimum level of language skills of course participants is Intermediate (A2 by CEF), which means in practice that the participant can use basic tenses, forms of questions, negatives and is able to communicate using short and simple sentence structures.
He should also know the international alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.) and system of numerals used in aviation. Of course, there is a basic knowledge of flight procedures.

English for Cabin Crew

English for Cabin Crew is designed for people who are working in the field of aviation and want to improve their communication skills, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammatical aacuracy.

English for Cabin Crew
 emphasizes on real working environment of flight attendants and Cabin Crew, including pre-flight instructions to disembarkation. The course follows the operational procedures of Cabin Crew and their process through the different stages of flight: boarding, safety demonstrations, serving meals, possible medical or emergency situations during the flight, preparation for landing, etc.

English for Cabin Crew focuses on English language, which is especially used in these situations. It emphasizes the Cabin Crew would obtain confidence in using the right working language, for example, dealing with passengers´ complaints, medical, safety, standard or non-standard situations on board.

English for Cabin Crew represents a real working and typical situation arising between passengers and Cabin Crew. The course covers all levels of communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and vocabulary.

English for Cabin Crew consists of 10 Modules, where a recommended time schedule per one Module is from 3 to 5 hours (45 min.).

After completion of the course, candidates should use clear, direct, proper but also polite communication when performing routine duties on borad, responding to passengers´ problems and handling difficult situations.


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