English for Cabin Crew

English for Cabin Crew is designed for people who are working in the field of aviation and want to improve their communication skills, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammatical aacuracy.

English for Cabin Crew
 emphasizes on real working environment of flight attendants and Cabin Crew, including pre-flight instructions to disembarkation. The course follows the operational procedures of Cabin Crew and their process through the different stages of flight: boarding, safety demonstrations, serving meals, possible medical or emergency situations during the flight, preparation for landing, etc.

English for Cabin Crew focuses on English language, which is especially used in these situations. It emphasizes the Cabin Crew would obtain confidence in using the right working language, for example, dealing with passengers´ complaints, medical, safety, standard or non-standard situations on board.

English for Cabin Crew represents a real working and typical situation arising between passengers and Cabin Crew. The course covers all levels of communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and vocabulary.

English for Cabin Crew consists of 10 Modules, where a recommended time schedule per one Module is from 3 to 5 hours (45 min.).

After completion of the course, candidates should use clear, direct, proper but also polite communication when performing routine duties on borad, responding to passengers´ problems and handling difficult situations.