Test information

  • Test TSP complies with requirements stated in Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements – Doc 9835
  • Test TSP is designed to assess speaking and listening proficiency.
  • Test TSP consists of records with different accents.
  • Test TSP uses 2 methods of examination:

a) Direct – interaction with interlocutor,
b) Semi-direct – interaction using speech sample (audio-visual                               technique)

  • Test TSP includes 5 sections:
  1. Dialogue – Interlocutor interviews test-taker on general, education, work, or aviation-related topics,
  2. Interactive problem-solving – Test-taker reacts to 3 non-routine situations in aviation environment by forming questions and suggestions,
  3. Visual analysis – Test-taker describes picture and answers picture-related questions,
  4. Listening comprehension – Test-taker listens to a short story in aviation context and then re-tells the story,
  5. Radiotelephony communication – Test-taker explains aviation terms and definitions; simulates radiotelephony communication; reads and decodes aviation reports (METAR, TAF, …),
  • Test TSP takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Test TSP does not focus on grammar explicitly or reading and vocabulary.
  • Test TSP does not evaluate the technical knowledge of operations.
  • Final score for test-taker is not the average of the ratings in each of the six ICAO language proficiency skills, but the lowest of these six ratings.